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Our main goals are to provide you a product that will solidify your online reputation, improve your lead generation, save you time, while also providing you excellent customer support.

Rhys Hutchinson - Lead Developer
Rhys Hutchinson
Project Manager
Reactive Web Services

The Problems We Aim To Fix

Did you know that home sellers perceive a real estate agent’s reputation as the most important factor when deciding to sell their home with that agent? Did you also know that as of 2023, 95% of people begin their property research online? If so, it should come as no surprise that neglecting to develop a presence in today’s online landscape will result in your reputation and agency being left behind.

Here's the challenge you face: in our mobile-first world, maximizing online traffic requires not just a digital presence, but a savvy one. You need to navigate complex SEO, engage quickly with online leads, manage content across diverse platforms, and juggle website maintenance – all while staying focused on your main goal: selling properties.

Failing to effectively harness this digital potential means leaving valuable leads for your competitors, risking your agency's growth in an increasingly online market.


Why Choose Us

At Reactive Web Services we understand how complex and competitive the online market is these days, especially in real estate. As such, we decided that through our unique web development background we could make a difference to provide agents with not just a website, but a completely managed web service designed to:

  • Solidify their agencies reputation as the authority real estate agency in their local area;
  • Elevate their agencies lead generation and engagement;
  • Save agencies time through smart automation; and,
  • Take care of their web needs through round the clock web management and support.

When developing our product, we conducted in-depth research to provide agents with superior lead capture, organisation, and lead nurturing capabilities. Our product is the result of continuous refinement and close collaboration with active real estate professionals, making it one of the best offerings on the market.

We further back this up with our client-centric focus; we believe that our success as a web development agency is dependent on the success of our clients. To ensure this, we will do everything possible to achieve 100% satisfaction after the deployment of an agency’s website. This includes extra training, design changes, and technical support. If after all this, if you are still not satisfied with our services we will give you a full refund of the website – no questions asked.

Ultimately, our aim is to ensure the online success of our clients while giving them back time to focus on their own high value revenue generating activities.

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Who We Are

At Reactive Web Services, we have always specialised in crafting custom web solutions that elevate brand quality, enhance business operations, and significantly increase client exposure.

Our team, led by Rhys Hutchinson – an Aeronautical Engineer turned web developer with 6 years of experience in creating bespoke websites and apps for Australian businesses – brings a unique, systematic engineering approach to web development. This approach ensures meticulous attention to detail in transforming our clients' visions into reality. Here is a sneak peak at how happy our customers are:

“Fixtech Pty Ltd has been contracting the services of Reactive Web Services for all our website and App designs for the past 3 years. Rhys has interpreted our requirements and provided us with the right solutions in a professional and timely manner while remaining within budget. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rhys and Reactive Web Services to anyone seeking to have an App or Website designed and built to the highest standard.

Troy Clifford - Fixtech Pty Ltd
Troy Clifford
General Manager
Fixtech Pty Ltd

In mid-2023 Reactive Web Services saw that our agency was uniquely primed to add significant value to the Residential Real Estate sector, especially with independent small to mid-sized agencies. We saw a multitude of poorly designed websites in the market that were clearly rushed into development and decided that we could help.


What Makes Us Different:

  • We offer a managed service – we know that keeping track of analytics, maintenance, security updates, design trends, and features is time consuming. That’s why we do it all for you, check out our support plan inclusions.

  • Next-gen web technology - we use cutting edge web technology that is free from 3rd party themes and plugins that restrict what's possible. This means we can implement any custom functionality that you require, see more.

  • Amazing technical support – we are Australian based and only take on as many clients as we can handle. This ensures we are always available to handle technical changes and provide timely and responsive support, see more.

For more information on our product and services, click here.

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