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We Build Websites That:

Dynamic web solutions for Australian businesses.

We create websites that enhance business, amplify your exposure and build brand quality
Business Focused
Custom Functionality
Designed Locally

Trusted By Clients.

We continually strive to enhance the businesses of all our clients through innovative web solutions.

Fixtech Pty Ltd has been contracting the services of Reactive Web Services, specifically Rhys Hutchinson for all our website and App design for the past 3 years. Rhys has interpreted our requirements and provided us with the right solutions in a professional and timely manner while remaining within budget. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rhys and Reactive Web Services to anyone seeking to have an App or Website designed and built to the highest standard.

Troy Clifford - Fixtech Pty Ltd
Troy Clifford
General Manager
Fixtech Pty Ltd

Why Choose Us for Your Australian Business?

Great Design

We prioritize strategic design that goes beyond aesthetics. Our websites are visually appealing and strategically structured to deliver your message effectively.

Perfect SEO

We help you stand out in the digital landscape by conducting thorough SEO to ensures your website outranks competitors and attracts the right audience to your business.

Insane Performance

Did you know 40% of people leave a website if it hasn't loaded within 3 seconds? We perform rigorous tests and optimisations throughout the design process to ensure people stay on your webpage.

As a fellow local business, we take pride in building more than just websites; we cultivate strong professional relationships with our clients. We are committed to providing ongoing value and support as your business grows and your technology needs evolve.

How We Work.

We plan, develop and launch our projects in 5 main steps. Click each step to find out more.

Gather Requirements

Starts: With us engaging with you over the phone, email or in person.

  1. We start the process by gathering requirements from you by asking questions about your business, your target audience, any design preferences (colours & fonts) and any other specific requirements you need.
  2. We will also gather any content that you have such as text, images, videos, logos, and any other branding assets. If you don’t have any that’s okay as well – we can generate it through our additional branding services.
  3. We will discuss what size website we believe is suitable for your business which will also inform an appropriate fee structure for the website.
  4. To continue, we will ask for a 20% down payment; this lets us know you are serious about the project and allows us to begin using resources to start designing and developing.

Ends: This step ends once we have gathered your requirements and received your down payment.

Develop Mockups

Starts: Once we have gathered your requirements and design assets.

  1. In step 2, our goal is to develop a design that you are happy with before we begin the actual web development process.
  2. We will come up with a design that suits your business and your requirements.
  3. Once we have come up with a design, we will ask you for your approval and will iteratively update the design according to your feedback.

Ends: This step ends once we have your approval on the selected design.


Starts: Once we have approval on the selected design.

  1. In step 3 we take the approved design and convert it into a fully functional and responsive website.
  2. We will also complete our SEO research based on the information we gathered in step 1 to identify low competition keywords to use throughout your site.
  3. Once developed we will host the website on a private URL which we will provide you with. We ask that you test navigating the website and using any functionality we have developed for you such as contact forms to ensure that everything is connected and working on your side of house. If you do find an error or something you are unhappy with, we will continue to make changes until you are satisfied.

Ends: This step ends when the website is developed, and a private URL has been provided to you for your assessment.

Testing & Optimisation

Starts: Once the website has been fully developed.

  1. While you are reviewing and testing the developed website, we will conduct our own tests.
  2. We perform performance tests which will inform us what we can optimise on the website to speed up loading times.
  3. We test SEO performance to ensure all website metadata can be easily crawled and read by search engines.
  4. We test the website against accessibility metrics to ensure people that may have a disability or impairment can easily navigate your website.
  5. We will also perform security testing to harden any vulnerabilities prior to going live.

Ends: This step ends once testing and optimisation has been completed.


Starts: Once testing and optimisation has been completed.

  1. Prior to launching the website, we will ensure any issues you experienced during your own testing are fixed and we will finalise any additional services that we are providing you.
  2. We will ask for the remainder of payment before launching the live website.
  3. Once payment is received, we will transfer your website to our live server using either your existing domain name or creating one for you.
  4. Finally, we will double check that you are comfortable using the website and fully understand how any functionality works. We can provide training to you and your team if required (usually only relevant if we have developed custom functionality specific to your business).

Ends: This step ends when payment is received, you are completely satisfied, and the website is live!

Website Costs.

The below pricing is a general guide, all packages can be tailored to suit your specific needs and functionality requirements.

Single Page Website

Great for small business looking to turn heads and set their business apart from the rest.


  • Elevate Your Brand.

    Boost reputation with professional, highly engaging custom website design to elevate your existing brand.

  • Showcase Your Business Quickly

    Show off your services, who you are, what you offer and more directly on your home page

  • Optimised For Success

    Maximise traffic with built in SEO, mobile responsiveness and performance optimisation.

Business Growth

Solidify your online presence and brand with a website optimised to attract and convert more clients.


  • Elevated Branding

    Every page professionally designed around your existing branding, fully responsive and performance optimised.

  • Optimise Growth

    Create engaging content for your business to climb the ranks of Google and attract more potential clients to your business.

  • Pages

    Includes: home, about us, services, service, posts, search, post categories, post, contact and privacy policy pages.

Custom Solutions

Great for businesses that need to implement custom solutions to their unique needs and requirements.


  • Custom Integrations

    Integrate your website with third party data streams.

  • Custom development

    Custom tools, calculators, you name it - if you have an idea to improve your business, we can build it.

  • Tailored Pricing

    Pricing based on your unique requirements and agreed upon before project commencement.

Everything Included To Keep You Going

Our Maintenance and Care plan gives you peace of mind knowing that your website is always up to date, secure, and backed up. We take care of everything so that you can focus on your business.

Reliable Hosting

When you host your website though us you gain access to cutting edge technology which ensures incredibly reliability and speed no matter where your users view it from (not just the local area).

24/7 Support

We understand that your website is a significant tool for your business, as such, we will address any concerns you have at any time of the day to ensure your website is supporting your business optimally.

Care Free Maintenance

As part of our care plan, we continuously monitor the performance and uptime, perform bug fixes and security updates; and manage the hosting environment to keep your website moving forward efficiently into the future.

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