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Generate More Leads With CRM Integration

Discover how a CRM can benefit your real estate agency by generating more listings and buyers without having having to be a tech expert or have a huge budget.

In the dynamic realm of online real estate, managing client data efficiently and responding to leads promptly are pivotal to success. As the competition intensifies and clients expect instant information, your time becomes a precious resource. If you find it challenging to maintain a streamlined sales process, respond to leads rapidly, and nurture relationships for repeat business, a CRM is the perfect solution to your challenges.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software package is a technology solution that helps real estate professionals manage their interactions with clients as well as streamline and improve their business processes.

Benefits of CRM Integration

Centralised Organisation for Enhanced Relationships

Imagine the impact when you recall not just contact details but birthdays, pet names, and personal connections. A CRM centralises client information, fostering stronger connections across your agency. Agents can seamlessly create and refer to detailed notes for each contact, creating a personalised touch that sets your agency apart.

A team member building a relationship with a client.

Efficient Lead Conversion and Streamlined Processes

Keep your agency organised and efficient by assigning contacts to agents, manage listings, track lead progress, handle documents and contracts, streamline sales processes, conduct market research, distribute proposals and much more all within a central location.

A process being developed on a whiteboard.

Targeted Marketing for Repeat and New Business

Generate repeat and new business effortlessly with highly targeted email and SMS marketing campaigns. A CRM allows you to categorise contacts, ensuring that your messages resonate with their preferences. Engage clients with content that matters to them, building long-term relationships and fostering high engagement.

marketing strategy

Automated Nurturing for Increased Conversion Rates

Engage and nurture new enquiries instantly though automated email and SMS distribution systems that engage people with the specific information that they require – boosting conversion rates. These same systems can be used to automatically distribute information to open home visitors, contacts assigned for listing updates and a multitude of other triggers.

Plants being nurtured to grow

Analytics Tracking for Continuous Improvement

Monitor key performance indicators directly through the CRM. Track marketing email and SMS open rates, new contacts per month, conversion rates, task reporting, and more. This data-driven approach enables continuous improvement in your agency's sales processes over time.

Analytics dashboard showing various metrics

Our CRM of Choice

Through our CRM market research, we have decided to advocate for, and integrate our own website products with the Mantis Property CRM.Our assessments have shown that the Mantis Property CRM offers the greatest value for money while providing all necessary features to generate efficiency, increase lead conversion and save time for Real Estate Agencies.

Mantis Property - Most Cost Effective Real Estate CRM

Key Benefits:

  • Provides all features to boost lead generation and improve agency processes while remaining low cost.

  • Is intuitive and easy to use allowing agencies to start benefiting immediately.

  • Provides a huge archive of reference material and 7 day customer support with every subscription.

  • Has been developed by an Australian business and uniquely caters to the needs of Australian real estate agencies.

  • Includes additional tools like contract management, property management and trust accounting that may otherwise require additional subscription services elsewhere.

A full list of the features, pricing and further information can be found through the Mantis Property CRM website – find out more here.

In addition to the great value for money offered by Mantis Property, they also boast 5 star google reviews and showcase a multitude of happy testimonials through their website, providing social proof of the quality of their product.

Our Integration

Our website product interfaces seamlessly with the Mantis Property CRM system to ensure new enquiries that contact you through your website will funnel directly into your CRM sales pipeline and are engaged automatically through the in-built CRM communication triggers.

Additionally, through our service – we will create customised email templates based on your agencies unique branding within the CRM so new leads are engaged not only automatically but professionally. These templates will be pre-filled by the system with applicable information that the contact desires based on how the lead entered the system.

Website / CRM integration takes care of automation

CRM Pricing & Integration

We do not charge you anything extra to integrate your website with Mantis Property CRM; however, you are required to pay the subscription fee through Mantis Property (see pricing here). If you decide to no longer require CRM functionality in the future, we will convert your website back to a non-CRM integration status free of charge.

Aligned to Our Values

At Reactive Web Services, our commitment to excellence led us to carefully select Mantis Property as our CRM affiliate. The decision to integrate our product with Mantis Property wasn't just driven by their superior cost-effectiveness; it was also influenced by their unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service.

As affiliates, we prioritise the success of our clients above all else. Aligning with our company ethos, we only endorse products that meet our stringent standards. Mantis Property not only fulfills but exceeds these expectations. From the moment we engaged with them, their exemplary support has solidified our confidence that our clients are in capable hands.

Choosing Mantis Property isn't just a design choice; it's a strategic decision to ensure the seamless success of our clients. Partner with us and experience the unparalleled synergy between our product and Mantis Property CRM, where excellence meets exceptional service.

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