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Our Included Backup and Recovery Approach

Our Included Backup and Recovery Approach Protects your data

Reactive Web Services offers a robust website care plan, which includes as standard, secure website backup & recovery systems.

Table of Contents

At Reactive Web Services, our commitment goes beyond merely developing your website. Integral to every project is our comprehensive website care plan. A plan meticulously designed to guarantee that not only does your digital presence shine but that it remains resilient against unforeseen glitches, secured and online.

Dual-Branch Design: Marrying Structure with Content

The foundational design of our websites is split into two critical components: the structural design and the content it houses. This distinction, or "decoupling", serves a future-proofing purpose. Imagine your business grows, and you decide to branch into mobile applications or even digital kiosks; the content you've invested time into for your website can be seamlessly integrated into these new platforms. This adaptive approach necessitates a two-tiered protection mechanism, ensuring both your site's structure and its vital content are safeguarded independently.

Website Restoration: The Assurance of Version Control

In the realm of website protection, version control is our unwavering sentinel. It meticulously logs every single update or change made. So, if the digital tide throws an unexpected challenge, our vast library of website versions lets us quickly revert to a pristine state, ensuring your website is always available to your audience.

Content Security: Powered by Sanity.io

For content storage and management, we rely on Sanity.io, a front-runner in headless CMS technology. With its foundation in Google Cloud's robust infrastructure, you're assured of top-tier security. But we don’t stop there. Adding another layer of security, we routinely back up your content every week to our physical data storage infrastructure. If the need arises, this content can be imported back into Sanity seamlessly, ensuring no disruption to your digital operations.

In Summary:

  • Dual-layered Protection: Dedicated security measures for both your website's design and its content.
  • Version Control: A systematic logging of website changes, allowing for rapid restoration.
  • Sanity.io Integration: Trusted CMS technology fortified with Google Cloud's security.
  • Weekly Backups: Regular backups of your content to our secure, offline storage facilities.

In Conclusion

At Reactive Web Services, we don’t just craft digital platforms; we ensure their longevity. With our detailed backup and recovery provisions within our care plan, we promise a digital space that stands strong, remains consistent, and is always ready to serve its audience.

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