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International Multi-Lingual Websites

international websites are multi-lingual

Reactive Web Services offers multilingual website solutions, ensuring broader reach, device responsiveness, and professional translations

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At Reactive Web Services, we recognise the power of language in connecting businesses to a broader audience. To harness this potential, we offer tailored multilingual website solutions that automatically detect and cater to the language preferences of your visitors.


  • Expand your audience reach with multilingual websites
  • Tailored language detection based on visitor preferences
  • Maintain website responsiveness and aesthetics across languages
  • Professional translation for quality content
  • Cost dependent on the amount of content to be translated

Our Service:

Using advanced detection methods, our system reads the default language from a visitor's request, ensuring they experience your website in their preferred language. A testament to our capability is our client, FixTech. Based in Queensland but with footprints in China and Taiwan, they sought to make their website accessible in both Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. The result? A wider audience reach and increased product exposure.

However, ensuring a multilingual site doesn't come without its challenges. Different languages can mean varied content lengths, which can affect website layouts across devices. At Reactive Web Services, we place significant emphasis on ensuring that every language version remains responsive, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly, regardless of the device being used.

Quality of content is paramount, especially when translating. For FixTech, we initiated the process with approved English content, followed by collaboration with professional translators. This guarantees that the essence and accuracy of the message remain uncompromised.

Fixtech english translated homepage

Fixtech simplified chinese translation


While introducing a multilingual facet does entail additional costs, contingent on the volume of content, the benefits are manifold. For businesses serving diverse linguistic demographics, it's not just about widening the net; it's about showing inclusivity, professionalism, and understanding. Let Reactive Web Services help you make a global mark in the digital realm.

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