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Custom Business Email Service

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Reactive Web Services offers guided Zoho Mail setup, custom domain emails & training, enhancing business communication. Elevate your brand today.

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An email address reflecting your personalized domain (like john@yourcompany.com) not only epitomizes professionalism but also strengthens the trust and brand image of your business. Choosing a custom domain email assures that your communications are not only reliable but are also seen in a trustworthy light, significantly reducing the chances of being labeled as spam.

While we at Reactive Web Services understand and prioritize the essential role of email communication, we consciously choose not to operate our own mail servers. Instead, we champion the adoption of Zoho Mail by our clients. Zoho Mail's reputation for its reliability, unparalleled security, and affordability stands out, especially when compared to other big players like Google Workspace.

What we offer:

When you have chosen to develop your website or application with us and require a dedicated email service, the following is provided to you for free as part of our services.

  • Guided Setup: Transitioning to a new email domain might seem complex. We've made it straightforward with our step-by-step setup checklists, ensuring everything from your registration with Zoho to its integration with your preferred email software (Outlook, Mail, etc.) is fluid.
  • Tailored Training: To truly leverage the power of your email service, it's essential to understand its full spectrum of features. Our specialized in-person training sessions, designed specifically for your needs, familiarize you and your team with Zoho's multifaceted offerings — be it calendaring, invoicing, or task management.
  • Hassle-free Integration: The idea of delving into technicalities can be daunting. We're here to help with our hands-on guidance through the setup process. As a safety protocol, we request your presence during stages where sensitive credentials like passwords are involved.

Exclusive Benefits for Our Valued Clients:

For those who entrust the development of their website to Reactive Web Services, we're excited to offer our comprehensive checklist guidance, dedicated training, and personalized setup services entirely complimentary.

Key Deliverables:

  • A prestigious email address echoing your brand's domain name.
  • Efficient integration of a business-centric contact form on your website, linked directly to your official email.
  • Customized training sessions designed for your enterprise's unique requirements.
  • Personalized setup support complemented by exhaustive checklists.
  • Access to an extended suite of Zoho's leading business tools, not just limited to the email functionality.

Investment: The value-packed suite of benefits is available at an impressively competitive rate of $1.5 per user per month, directly invoiced by Zoho.

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