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Display Unique Real Estate Listing Insights with Our AmeniMap Locator

The AmeniMap Locator presents your listings on a interactive map and provides insights into essential infrastructure in the area.

Display Unique Real Estate Listing Insights with Our AmeniMap Locator

The AmeniMap Locator revolutionizes your listings by presenting them on a dynamic map, offering valuable insights into nearby schools, activity centres, parks, public transport, and other essential infrastructure. This innovative tool empowers site visitors to effortlessly customize and filter properties and amenities, providing a seamless and efficient user experience.

Key Features:

Instant Insights: Enable potential buyers to swiftly assess key value-adding infrastructure and their proximity to each listing without navigating away from your site.

Automated Infrastructure Generation: Streamline the process with automatic infrastructure generation, requiring zero additional setup when creating listings.

Enhanced User Experience: Facilitate easy navigation and quick discovery through intuitive listing and infrastructure filtering, ensuring buyers find precisely what they need

Establish Local Authority: Position your agency as a local authority by offering unique and insightful website tools that go beyond traditional listings.

Responsive Design: Ensure optimal viewing on all screen sizes, enhancing accessibility and engagement for a broader audience.

Integrating the AmeniMap Locator into your real estate website not only enriches listing presentations but also distinguishes your agency as a leader committed to providing valuable and innovative tools for potential buyers.

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